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The Ways of Waze

The Waze app is the largest community-based GPS app. Their tagline is “Outsmarting Traffic. Together.” The app is available on iPhone and Android devices and functions like one big carpool!

The idea is that users can update the app in real-time to help their fellow commuters save time on their commute by knowing about roadblocks and traffic, drive with caution by being alerted of police traps, save money by reporting nearby gas prices and learn alternate routes to get to their destination. Their mission is to create little driving communities nationwide that contribute while driving, in order to impact everyone’s daily driving in a positive way.

To use Waze, users simply download the app, then use it as their regular GPS device. Leave the app open on your journey and contribute in real-time as you notice things like traffic, road hazards, police traps, potholes, etc. This keeps the app as up-to-date as possible, and helps keep other users in the area safe on the road! But, don’t fret if Waze is not as prevalent in your area. Data is still kept up-to-date by online map editors to ensure that Waze works as intended nationwide.

So, who is their competition for your commute? Google Maps of course is their main competition, even though both apps are owned by Google. Google bought out Waze in 2013 because of its unique social features that make it stand apart from other GPS centered apps. Unlike Google Maps, Waze allows you to interact with a community of fellow drivers in real-time to get to your destination faster and safer.

Waze features:

  • aggressive rerouting that saves time,
  • motorcycle mode,
  • vast voice navigation options,
  • current speed monitoring to alert you if you’re going too fast,
  • police notifications,
  • Spotify integration,
  • traffic jam time countdown,
  • plan a drive (enter your destination and what time you need to arrive, and receive a notification when it's time to leave!)
  • and it remembers common routes to assess best commute times and route.

While Google Maps is a good alternative, Waze is the clear choice if you are searching for a social network of community drivers that could save you time, money and frustration on your everyday commute! 

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Collierville Auto Car Experts
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