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Minivan vs. SUV : Which one is right for you?

The popularity of the minivan shifted the auto market. But, even though the minivan was easily accessible, fuel efficient and the perfect companion for a growing family, it wasn’t exactly considered a sexy vehicle. In fact, most consumers would describe the minivan as dull and drab compared to the modern-day SUV. However, it was the minivan that helped the SUV evolve, not the other way around.

The Evolution of the Minivan

The minivan has become a symbol of modern suburban living, but where did it all begin? While Volkswagen and Chrysler both claim to be the first to market, neither the VW Minibus or Chrysler’s first three minivans were actually where it all began. The DKW Schnellaster and the Citroen H-van were the early predecessors of the minivan we know today. They came to market in 1949 and 1947 respectively. The Citroen H-van was available three full years before the earliest VW Bus. But perhaps the most underrated of them all is the very first of its kind, the Chenard & Walker CHV, which was unveiled in 1946 by the French automaker.

Best Buys 2018 Spotlight: Midsize SUV

Are you in the market for a new midsize SUV to suit your needs, but aren't sure where to start your search? Look no further, we can get you in Kelley Blue Book’s best-rated pick for 2018. It is no surprise that the 2018 Honda CR-V was chosen as this year’s best pick for small SUVs as it has made the list for several years now.

Fast and Ferrari

When you’ve got the need for speed there aren't many cars that can compare to the Ferrari. Boasting more than seven decades of Italian innovation, Ferrari is coveted by car enthusiasts worldwide. The Ferrari IPO on the New York Stock Exchange was valued at $21 billion in 2017, making it one of the most valuable and recognized brands in the world.

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