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Luxury vs. Premium Vehicles – Which Is A Better Value?

The Difference Between Luxury & Premium

What is the real difference in buying a luxury vehicle and a premium one? Is it affordability? Is it fancy features? In recent years, premium models are catching up with luxury vehicles in features and capability, so the lines are much more blurred. But, luxury vehicles are still regarded as higher-end and premium as a little bit more middle of the road and affordable. So, why should you choose one over the other?

Safety Features & Technology

The similarities between luxury and premium are numerous.

When you choose either you’ll be receiving the “most advanced safety options and best entertainment technology on the market,” according to Forbes.

Features you used to pay more for, such as leather seats, heated seats or a DVD player, come standard on most vehicles now. Important safety features like blind-spot warning systems, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control also come as standard safety features on most new luxury and premium cars in the last several years. And, with added technology, ease of handling the vehicle has improved across the board.


The differences in buying luxury versus premium come down to affordability.

Premium vehicles are also stacked with features, but often at a fraction of the price. They offer a great alternative to the young car buyer who would like all the amenities but can’t necessarily budget for the top of the line. While premium is an excellent choice, so is luxury. When buying a luxury vehicle you are not only buying a car, you’re buying a name. The luxury brand denotes dependability, regality and status. And while the name and the gadgets are great, luxury brands prioritize safety features and engine power. That is why all luxury brands are first to come to market with new technologies.

At Collierville Auto Center, we specialize in both luxury vehicles and premium ones. We know how to help you decide on a vehicle that fits your needs! Whether you are searching for a vehicle that is top of the line or one that is more affordable, we help you prioritize your checklist to decide on the car that is right for you!

Collierville Auto Car Experts
Collierville Auto Car Experts
At Collierille Auto, we are true car experts with decades of knowledge and experience. Let us guide you through the ins and outs of the car buying journey. Your ride is waiting, and we're here to help you find it!

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