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Brake Check: Drums, Rotors and Pads!

Need to check your brakes but aren’t sure what should be included? We have your back!

What should be included? New brake pads aren’t the only item needing to be checked. A good service will include a flush of old brake fluid and adding new, resurfacing rotors, and adjusting braking mechanisms.

Check the quality of new parts! Ask where your garage gets their auto parts from. If they are buying them from an auto parts house, the quality check is not in the hands of your mechanic. Ask what kind of quality check the shop has for parts.

You should be able to trust who is doing the repairs to your vehicle. Ask what approach is used to service brakes. There are a couple of methods to service and repair brakes. Commonly, repair shops will pull the calipers off, replace brake pads, and reinstall the unit. However, the brake pads aren’t the only thing needing attention. Grit and build-up on pistons can result in the brake pads not disengaging when you take your foot off the brake pedal, which results in your pads wearing faster or unevenly. Heat from pistons can break down rubber seals creating a leak. This could result in brakes fading or not working properly. To inspect these parts, one would need to disassemble the entire braking system. This is not only time consuming, it could be very dangerous if your mechanic doesn’t take the time to do it properly. A better option is replacing the whole unit at once with your vehicle’s original specifications.

A good mechanic won’t mind walking you through each step and showing you exactly what repairs are being done. Don’t be shy to ask questions if you aren’t sure about something. It can also be a good idea to purchase the brake warranty if your shop offers it. Be sure to ask what all the warranty covers before your car gets serviced.

Collierville Auto Car Experts
Collierville Auto Car Experts
At Collierille Auto, we are true car experts with decades of knowledge and experience. Let us guide you through the ins and outs of the car buying journey. Your ride is waiting, and we're here to help you find it!

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