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Best Buys 2018 Spotlight: Midsize SUV

Are you in the market for a new midsize SUV to suit your needs, but aren't sure where to start your search?

Look no further, we can get you in Kelley Blue Book’s best-rated pick for 2018. It is no surprise that the 2018 Honda CR-V was chosen as this year’s best pick for small SUVs as it has made the list for several years now.

To back its rating, KBB stated,

The CR-V outclasses every other small crossover, a segment that now counts a dozen competitors. Its secret sauce is made from a recipe of many quality ingredients. Whether you want a fuel-efficient errand-runner, a no-fuss carryall for the college-bound student that will serve long after graduation, or a refined, leather-laden commuter with enough premium amenities to pass for a luxury SUV, the Honda CR-V will fit the role.”

Here are a few amenities you can expect from the 5th generation crossover:

  • Ample interior room for you and your passengers
  • Storage space and easy fold-down seats
  • Honda-safety drivers assist programs
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto syncing technology
  • Fuel economy boasting 34 MPG

Making the switch to a midsize SUV has never been easier with the Honda CR-V! If you are looking for the space and cargo room that an SUV offers, but the fuel economy and efficiency of a sedan, the Honda CR-V is your perfect match!

Collierville Auto Car Experts
Collierville Auto Car Experts
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