Senior Automotive Resources

Our Mission

It is our mission to assist a family or surviving spouse with the information they may require to make an educated decision on a vehicle they may no longer need.

Caring about our Senior’s and doing the right thing can often be a difficult task. Our Senior Assistance Program can help you retire your senior’s car and be assured you did what was best for your loved one. Here’s how the program works:


We will meet with you at our dealership, or your home or office to assist you with an accurate appraisal to help determine which direction to go when considering the sale of a vehicle to a family member or potential retail person yourself. There is no charge to you or your family for this service.


We will purchase your vehicle on the spot at market value based on top auction prices. It is our promise to you to be fair and never take advantage of this situation.


Collierville Auto Center will take your vehicle in on consignment. We will assist with any detailing and service work needed to make your car retail ready to sell with your blessings. Then we advertise through our many internet and print advertising sources. (Please check with us regarding our charge for this service.)


  • I recently experienced the loss of a loved one. With this loss, I found myself with an automobile that I no longer needed. Knowing that I needed to sell the car, I wasn't sure where to turn. I was skeptical to say the least but knew I wanted to find someone that I could trust; someone that would give me the best possible price for my car. I can't say enough about my experience with Mike Hamby (SAR). Mike is a man with integrity. He cares about people and doing the right thing. I was very pleased!

  • Faced with the unfortunate circumstances of having my husband under Hospice care not only did we need a second vehicle, we needed the money to be able to provide the best care for my husband. Based on past buying experiences with Mike Hamby (SAR), I turned to him again. I knew that with his compassion, trustworthiness and knowledge, he would be able to guide me and provide me with the best possible solution in selling/buying my husbands car. And once again, he delivered!

Senior Automotive Assistance

10 Signs
That it’s Time to
Limit or Stop Driving

  1. Almost crashing, with frequent “close calls”
  2. Finding dents and scratches on the car, on fences, mailboxes, garage doors, etc.
  3. Getting lost, especially in familiar locations
  4. Having trouble seeing or following traffic signals, road signs and pavement markings
  5. Responding more slowly to unexpected situations, or having trouble moving their foot from the gas to the brake pedal; confusing the two pedals
  6. Misjudging gaps in traffic at intersections and on highway entrance and exit ramps
  7. Experiencing road rage or causing other drivers to honk or complain
  8. Easily becoming distracted or having difficulty concentrating while driving
  9. Having a hard time turning around to check rear view while backing up or changing lanes
  10. Receiving multiple traffic tickets or “warnings” from law enforcement officers

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